Sunday, 9 June 2013

Grand Conclave of the Lizard Men

The Prime Minister, alongside such luminaries as Chancellor Osborne, Shadow Chancellor Balls, Lord Mandelson and the ubiquitous Kenneth Clarke, will attend a meeting of the sinister controversial Bilderberg Group today.

The North Briton
prefers not to sail the wild shores of Conspiracy Theory — too many voyagers lose their minds to cabin fever — but the odd pleasure cruise isn't too harmful.  Bilderberg attendees might not be space-faring reptoids, but the meetings do smack of the unhealthy intimacy between politicians of all persuasions which Peter Oborne warned against in The Triumph of the Political Class.

Anyway, here's some good, old-fashioned fuel for the fire, courtesy of JFK:

(True conspiracy buffs might be disappointed to learn that the late Mr Kennedy was, in fact, talking about international communism — not Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, or even the Bohemian Grove.  Something of a let down!)

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