Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Hatred of The Left

What happened to that "innate sense of compassion"?
So much for the Tories being "the Nasty Party".

The passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher this Monday has generated a great upswell of bile from the political Left 
— that supposed font of compassion, fairness and equality.

"Rejoice!" rang the headline of the Socialist Worker, which also advertised a "Thatcher's Dead Special Pull-Out".

"Tramp the dirt down", tweeted Bradford MP George Galloway, ironically of the 'Respect' party.

David Hopper, the general secretary of the Durham Miners' Union who turned seventy on the same day, took to the airwaves to let viewers know he was "having a drink to it right now".

"It's a marvelous day", he added.  "I'm absolutely delighted.  It's my 70th birthday today and it's one of the best I've had in my life."

Meanwhile, the tasteless 
— someone has actually taken the trouble to shell out for this domain name — has been amended to read simply YES, in towering letters.

"The lady's not returning", it gloats, before asking "How are you celebrating?"

"Everything you need to celebrate the big day!"

Some people, it would seem, are celebrating in the streets.  Public parties dominated by twenty-something students and petty criminals  who have never seen a hard day's work, never mind an actual coal pit  have now descended into violence, with at least six police constables injured (one seriously) and a charity shop in Brixton raided and vandalised.

(With the late Baroness's funeral still some time away, and revellers determined to mark the occasion in their own, hateful way, it seems likely that the worst is yet to come.)

Can all this venom be attributed purely to the "divisive" nature of Baroness Thatcher's premiership, or is it indicative of a broader left-wing psychosis? 

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has recounted, in a piece titled 'Memo to my Leftie friends: you'd feel better if you tried not to hate us so much', how Conservative Home editor Tim Montgomerie once attempted to put this challenge directly in the pages of the desperately unpopular (but highly influentialGuardian newspaper:

"Do you really think", he asked, "that Tory politicians take some sort of sadistic pleasure from inflicting pain on public sector workers and benefit claimants? I ask because I'm encountering a large number of people in the Labour movement who are determined to peer into Conservative souls and find the blackest of motives." 

Reading the replies in the 'Comment is Free' thread is instructive:

I suspect Osborne views public sector workers and benefit claimants in much the same way as I view livestock.

[H]ave you even met any Tories? They're like a cross between Fagin & Goebbels...

I don't belong to any party, but i can draw real comparison between Conservatives & Nazi's [sic].

"The idea that Conservatives want to take Britain back to a world of the Victorian workhouse ..." is absolutely correct.

[L]etting miners starve and hunger strikers die plus systematically decimating the working class doesn't quite compete with a bit of saliva on your blue rosette. [This in reference to Mr Montgomerie describing how a Labour activist spat in his face during the '92 election campaign.] No matter how many doors you open or how politely you eat your fucking soup.

I have always found [Conservatives] to be nasty, selfish, lying, despicable, evil, grasping, ignorant, duplicitous wastes of oxygen.

If the disgusting morons in the Tory party don't want people to think they take pleasure in stamping on the hopes of decent folk maybe they shopuld stop looking as if they're enjoying it all quite so much and start apologising for their rich city scumbag masters.

And, finally:

The Tories have opposed every progressive policy that sought to relieve the plight of the poor. If the Tories had their way we’d still have children working down the mines. ... Tories are only happy if they have some poor clod to look down upon and whom they can treat like shit. ... Tories are spivs by definition and are ruled by the motto - "I'm all right Jack - fuck you.

This last comment is particularly interesting insofar as it betrays gross ignorance of history: it was in fact a Conservative government under Robert Peel which put an end to the practice of employing young children (and women) underground in the mines in 1842.

The celebrated Tory reformer who had led the commission recommending this mines legislation, Lord Shaftesbury, would strike another blow against child labour in Britain with the 1875 Climbing Boys Act, piloted through Parliament by another Conservative government 
 this Benjamin Disraeli's.

For a more general flavour of the historic reforms in Britain which have been pioneered by conservatives, one could do worse than to give this video a few minutes of their time:

"Who controls the past controls the future", however, and "Who controls the present controls the past".

None of this information is helpful to the ideological adversaries of conservatism, who dominate the social narrative, so it disappears down the memory hole.  Crude smears such as "If the Tories had their way we'd still have children working down the mines" could not be thrown around with such abandon if all the facts were on the table, after all.

Those 'Comment is Free' remarks date from way back in 2010, it must be said.  The Left was still downhearted (and, up to a point, rightly shamefaced) following the end of New Labour's thirteen-year reign, and their rhetoric had lost much of its usual fire.

It has been rekindled in time for Baroness Thatcher's passing, three years later, however:

This is just a modest sampling of the rancour which has been offered up on social media, and relatively mild.

It comes as no surprise.  While the conservative, broadly speaking, views opponents as mistaken but ultimately well-meaning on a personal level, the Leftist seldom seems able to see anything in his enemies but sheer malevolence.

Those with opposing views are not simply people who view the world through a different lens, they are demoniac — and thus must be either exorcised or eradicated.

It is this small kernel of unreasoning hatred at the heart of Leftism 
 a kind of "liberal bigotry— which accounts not only for the sadistic, outspoken pleasure taken in the death of frail, sickly grandmother seen over these past days, but which leads, wherever the rule of law cannot restrain it, to its high-minded designs for egalitarian utopia inevitalbe transformation into something monstrous.

Comrades!  The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed.  The interests of the whole revolution require this because 'the last decisive battle' with the kulaks is now under way everywhere.  An example must be demonstrated.

  • 1. Hang (and make sure that the hanging takes place in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers. 
  • 2. Publish their names. 
  • 3. Seize all their grain from them. 
  • 4. Designate hostages in accordance with yesterday's telegram. 
  • Do it in such a fashion that for hundreds of kilometres around the people might see, tremble, know, shout: "they are strangling, and will strangle to death, the bloodsucking kulaks". 

Telegraph receipt and implementation.

Yours, Lenin.

Find some truly hard people

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