Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mr Galloway Turns Up His Whiskers

Respect MP George Galloway — the Westminster Village's proverbial Idiot — has caused a bit of a stir at Oxford University's Christ Church, flouncing out of a debate on Israel's presence in the West Bank on discovering his opponent was an Israeli.  

"I don't recognise Israel," he declared, "and I don't debate with Israelis."

A low moment for Britain's adversarial tradition  particularly given Mr Galloway's regrettable status as a Member of Parliament  and, perhaps worse, just plain bad manners.  Doubtless better men than I will take the time to explain why this is no way to debate, if they have not already.

I simply take the opportunity to remind people again why Mr Galloway is not a man to be taken seriously in the first place:

Why anyone at Christ Church should take an interest in this deviant character's thoughts on geopolitical matters is beyond me.

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