Monday, 25 February 2013

First Minister "Saddened" by Jimmy Savile Keith O'Brien Revelations

Pictured: Not Cardinal Keith O'Brien
Alex Salmond has expressed his sadness at recent events surrounding the late Top of the Pops presenter Sir Jimmy Savile Cardinal Keith O'Brien, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh.   

Sir Jimmy Cardinal O'Brien, accused of abusing young fans abusing young priests in his care, is to be posthumously stripped of honours forced to resign, prompting the following statement from Bute House:

"I hear the news of accusations against Sir Jimmy Savile Cardinal O'Brien's resignation with the greatest sadness.

"In all of my dealings with the DJ Cardinal, he has been a considerate and thoughtful leader of charitable causes the Catholic Church in Scotland, stalwart in his faith but constructive in his approach.

"The hugely successful fundraisers Sir Jimmy organised in Scotland visit of Pope Benedict in 2010 was a highlight of his charitable career Cardinalship and symbolised the key role of voluntary work the Catholic Church in Scottish society. 

"It would be a great pity if a lifetime of positive work was lost from comment in the circumstances of his disgrace resignation.

"None of us know the outcome of the investigation into the claims made against him but I have found him to be a good man for his cauces church and country."

Given the seriousness of the accusations, many were surprised by the First Minister's outspoken support for the disgraced celebrity clergyman.  Some observers have even suggested that this very public support might originate from a cynical desire to curry favour with Roman Catholic voters.

Doubtless such speculation is as unfounded as it is scurrilous, however.

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