Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Reservoir Sceptics

"Lookin' back, on the track, for a petition-filled bag..."

The Daily Express's Campaign for Freedom bore fruit today as some 373,000 petition coupons were delivered to Downing Street.  A "delegation" from the newspaper comprised of several senior Express staffers and readers' representative Alan Brown accompanied veteran Tory eurosceptics Peter Bone, Philip DaviesPhilip HolloboneDouglas Carswell (Daniel Hannan's collaborator-in-chief) and former Labour minister Kate Hoey, who famously gained the ire of disgraced former Commons Speaker Michael Martin in 2009.

To put things in perspective, the number of petition respondents clears the entire circulation of the influential left-wing Guardian newspaper by several tens of thousands.  The Express, one of Britain's great campaigning newspapers since its inception in the era of Joseph Chamberlain and Tariff Reform, may not be what it was in its Beaverbrook heyday, but clearly it retains a loud, clear voice in the national discourse.

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