Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"This Catalogue of Scorn"

Minister for Europe David Lidington took the brave step yesterday of writing for Conservative Home's 'Comment' section, telling readers "Why every Conservative can be proud of the European Union bill".  The piece has already attracted more than a hundred uniformly hostile responses. 

Now, while it is true that eurosceptics are perhaps more active than their ideological counterparts on sites like ConHome, what is remarkable in that not one person has thus far come to the bill's defence – the TRG contingent can normally be expected to at least raise a token handful of dissenting voices.

Perhaps the easiest way to impart a sense of the vehemence of feeling expressed is simply to offer (pared down for brevity's sake) a selection of the commentary itself:

The lock is inadequate and the tests are designed to deny referenda. Since May much has already been ceded. This Conservative is not proud of the bill.

Mr Liddington's remarks are feeble - the battle is lost, there is damn all left to fight for.

Far too much has already been ceded quite unnecessarily, and the sovereignty bill is a joke. I trust Wavy Davy about as far as I can throw him.

As Nigel Farage puts it, the referendum lock could be picked by a child.

Mr Lidington - this bill puts the lid back on the already empty jar. You know, stable doors and bolted horses ? ... The Conservative party has totally lost my trust, UKIP beckons.

It is with a deep sense of shame and furious anger that this Conservative utterly repudiates this shabby compromise Bill.

One is reminded of Chamberlain waving that stupid paper of his! Shameful stuff!

I'm sorry, I've listened to this guff for 40 years. Over and out.

Why is it that the Lisbon Treaty (or whatever) cannot be undone? It wasn't found under a burning bush chapped into a tablet of stone.

Puppies laying down with legs in the air rather comes to mind.
On past and current form, what grounds are there for trusting any UK government in these matters?

Sorry Mr. Lidington, you will never convince me, let`s have that referendum.

Ha! As if any true conservative would allow David Lidington to tell them what they should be proud of.

Almost all conservatives in this country, whether they are members of the party or not, know the EU is bad for us. It is only the MPs who do not. Lidington is kidding no one.

Conservatives have nothing to cheer from this piece of legislation, it is just a sticky plaster being put over a festering wound ... You are delusional if you think conservatives should be proud of this bill.

Forget it - this bill is a farce

We have been stitched us by a political elite, David Lidington is just repeating parrot fashion what he has been programmed to say.

As someone who is a Conservative, frankly this does not do it for me. When is the party going to admit that the UK is really no longer a sovereign country and the EU is our de facto government.

Sorry Mr Lidington. all you've done is to re-iterate the arguments which were demolished by Bill Cash et al in parliamentary debate.
David, you refer to the Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty? Why not simply hold an in/out one as a result of Peter Bone's amendment? THEN we could have a bill to - in a way - to be proud of.

It's a stupid bill. Just repeal the ECA 1972 and make us leave the sodding thing.

Just because you have sold your soul for a mess of pottage, do not expect the population to praise you or be proud of you ... Bow your head in shame

I can't decide who is guiltier of stupidity, the electorate for believing anything that comes out of the mouth of the political establishment, or the political establishment for thinking the electorate can be bought off with the political equivalent of a few shiny glass beads.

Evidently, Lidington's loyalty to the EU overrides that of his loyalty (if any) to the UK.

I actually found reading this guff quite offensive. Born yesterday, were we?

I am sorry Mr Lidington, but if this insincere attempt at obfuscation represents the true feelings of those currently in charge of the Conservative party then they should feel shame rather than pride.

This, in no uncertain terms, confirms exactly why I (regrettably) gave up on the euro-tory party long ago.

"a future Parliament could repeal this law" ... [Mr Lidington's] argument is that any government which did that "would pay a very high political price indeed", but recent experience shows that a government can brazenly renege on its promise of a referendum on an EU treaty

This convoluted bill full of double speak and internal inconsistencies, from a govenment who have handed [the sovereignty] of our country to the EU hand over fist since the election, is nothing but a useless and pathetic sop to the opinions of the disenfranchised people of this country.

The leadership is ignoring the grass roots.
I wonder if the Minister imagines that things will he different once he gets that promotion; if he'll finally be free of these dissembling pontifications and can make a difference in the Ministry which deals with the issues he actually cares about. He should consider the sad case of William Hague and reconsider.
[Mr Lidington] has already sold out to the EU lovers clique.
Every PM since Heath has lied to us, "we are not losing Sovereignty", except, as they well knew, we did. We are nearly at the end game now, and you sir are fiddling whilst our Country, not yours, burns.
There is absolutely no reason why this government should be bound by traitor Brown`s signature on the Lisbon treaty. ... You could cancel it tomorrow if you wished, so why don`t you?
When it comes to this bill and the coalitions surrender to the EU there is only one word.... SHAME !

This catalogue of unanimous scorn should surely rock the purblind leadership. What a farrago of half-truths and evasions Mr Liddington puts up.

There is no chance whatsoever that this bill will trigger a referendum, nor will one single power be repatriated from Europe as a result of it. It won't prevent further powers being devolved to Europe as a result of the Lisbon Treaty, which is already enacted in law. ... It is a pointless and useless sop to Eurosceptics, and not even effective in that regard.

I've just been reading through the latest Report on this Bill from the European Scrutiny Committee ... [T]he Bill as drafted is so riddled with flaws - some fairly obvious, some much more subtle - that it would be better to scrap it and start again.

The only sane response of a genuine Tory to this quisling bill by the arch-quisling Shameron is dismayed rejection!

As a former life long conservative activist, I am so dismayed by the dissembling and fudge by the Conservative party over the EU, I will no longer campaign or vote for the Conservatives.

I'm sorry Mr Lidington but these are weasel words in support of yet another unacceptable sell out to the Federalists and this Conservative feels shame at it, not pride.

Completely out of touch a buffoon of the first order if this man knew his subject he would realise appeasers in life get nowhere.

Far too little far too late. There's nothing there that will make me vote for Cameron.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are driving us to UKIP! Look at the comments on this article - NOT ONE PERSON IS HAPPY!

[W]e have to have [a referendum on AV] which no-one wants, yet Mr Lidington says holding referendums on matters of no great significance risks bringing the idea of referendums into disrepute. Eh?

Thinking that the EU can be fixed or that we can modify the relationship with this evil empire is delusional at best. This bill is just "peace in our time".

Are you really serious Mr Lindington ... If MPs do not include the amendment to place primacy with our own parliament: we will know where your hearts really lie; and I for my part would not be sorry to see you all swinging from a gibbet

I think it is rather scary how fundamentally the high command is out of touch with its core voters.

I would hate the leadership of our party to think that being anti-EU is confined to the right of the party. Concern about the way the UK is being sucked further into a Federal Europe is right accross the party.

I have read all the comments and not one has come anywhere near to saying that this placebo bill has any value whatsoever . Hang your head in shame Lidington or alternatively swan on with your comfy sinecure .

Its the government throwing the starving plebs a bone - that's all ! And a rotten heavily gnawed bone with no meat left on it at that !

Has anyone in the Conservative Party got the nerve to answer the good people who have taken the trouble to comment on this post? You really don't give a damn, do you? You have made it plainly obvious you are answerable to the EU and not to us. You don't deserve to be in power. Your betrayal to the people you are supposed to represent has been made quite clear. You ought to be ashamed!

And, finally:

David Lidington writing shortly after Senlac Hill in 1066 writes:

We have put measures firmly in place to prevent further recurrence of conquest by Normans whilst accepting that we have been conquered by Normans. It is too complicated for laymen to understand but, believe me, it is an elegant and legally binding non-invasion-by-William-lock and at no future time can an invasion and conquest that has already happened, happen again.

It was all Harold's fault anyway.

Now I'm off to learn Norman-French and narrate a documentary about the magnificence of all those nice new castles and churches so that the peasants understand what is good for them.

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