Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Constable and PCSO victims of Labour's Criminal Justice Act 2003

News comes via Inspector Gadget of a Police Constable and a Community Support Officer hospitalised following an attack in west London.  The attack on the pair was carried out as they undertook the perfectly mundane task of checking bus tickets.  Both are said to be seriously injured, the constable reportedly in "life-threatening condition" with a slashed throat.

Gadget offered the following prediction to "the Magistrates and Defence Lawyers who lower themselves to read this Blog":
the offender is on bail, wanted after failing to appear, on licence or should have been ‘inside’ for previous violence offences but has been let out early.

Sure enough, it now seems that their assailant drew his blade after checks revealed he was wanted for recall to prison.  This will come as an embarassment to Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke; chiefly because it comes barely a week after his (allegedly unilateral) decision to drop the Conservatives' election pledge on illegal knife-carry, but also because it bucks the spurious narrative he has been able to swindle into place – willingly assisted by Jack Straw and an inattentive media – of Labour as having enthusiastically embraced the "Prison Works" philosophy while they were in power.

That the villain of this piece was at liberty to carry out his attack in the first place is, after all, almost certainly due to the provisions either for automatic parole at the halfway point of any determinate sentence, or "Home Detention Curfew", introduced in that party's horrendous Criminal Justice Act of 2003 and which stands out as particularly idiotic in a bill replete with asinine measures.

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